Modern Secessionists & M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village

There is a rather disconcerting movement taking hold in the red state South. The parts of the country that went 60% for Romney. There is a series of petitions to allow certain states to secede from the Union. While the knee jerk reaction is – Yay! Let Texas and Missouri be their own states. The US would move up 2 or 3 spots in education.
Here are the problems – the first is the same that faced President Lincoln, which is-a hostile nation is a bad neighbor. Just like the desire to expand the number of slave states was the Confederacy’s reason for seceding, modern secessionists want to expand their religious views to the level of law. Modern American “Christian” sharia.
The second problem is new. The internets have allowed people all over the world to meet others from different cultures with different ideas. It has also allowed any idiot with a whack-a-doodle idea to find like minded people. They are then allowed to isolate themselves, intellectually, and are thus convinced that not only are they “right” but that they are the majority. Any dissent is “propaganda” from the enemy rather than a possibly valid alternative point of view.
Now, what does this have to do with M. Night Shyamalan’s 3rd best film (after Unbreakable & The Sixth Sense)? In The Village, a group of Americans turn their backs on modern life. Through flashbacks, we learn that each “founding family” of the village had suffered some tragedy of modern city living. Their response was to retreat into antiquated lifestyles and invent monsters to dissuade the young from questioning authority. THERE WAS NO TWIST! Sometimes M. Night just wants to make you think.
Much of the Tea Party seem to be like the villagers. While they have only retreated to the 1950s, they are still woefully out of touch with modern thought (though they seem to take to the Web). Even when polls show that particular groups might agree with their ideas, the paternalistic, condescending way they are presented is insulting. Obama has become the “monster” that will take their guns, their jobs and their fetuses.
As we get into the second term and the end times do not come, hopefully, rational thought will prevail. As Americans, we need to find a way to come together. A second civil war will not benefit anyone. Only together can we defeat extremists (as W said).